April 2015
28 april 2015
Le Multisport, édition du 28 avril 2015
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La plongeuse québécoise Meaghan Benfeito a réussi un tour de force à Kazan (Russie), dimanche, en remportant la médaille d’or à l’épreuve individuelle à la tour de 10 mètres de la troisième étape des Séries mondiales. En finale, la Montréalaise et la Chinoise Ruolin Chen, championne olympique des Jeux de Pékin et de Londres, se sont fait une chaude lutte, s’échangeant tour à tour la tête de la compétition.
27 april 2015
Isabelle La Vergne will combine athlete services and training groups at
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A new collaborator is joining the ranks of the Institut national du sport du Québec (INS Québec) today. As Director, Athlete Services and Training Groups, Isabelle La Vergne will come to the position with vast experience as a manager. “I am very proud to have the opportunity to give back to sports,” Ms. La Vergne explains. “If I am the manager I am today, this is because sports have taught me rigour, confidence, step-by-step progress and planning. A training plan is very close to a management plan.” Initially a synchronized swimmer for nearly 10 years, she continued her involvement in sports as a coach in her discipline and then in swimming, where she obtained her national Level 4 certification. Parallel to this, her studies in Physical Activity obtained her a Master’s degree from Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR). Theory and practice were combined. Subsequently, Isabelle opted professionally for sports management. In the course of her career, she served as Director of Sports Facilities at Société du parc Jean-Drapeau, where she managed the program and all operations related to the sports facilities. Heading 320 employees, she was responsible for about forty annual sports events, such as the Montréal Triathlon, the Canadian Swimming Age Group Championships and the Montréal International Dragon Boat Race Festival. During the past year, she held the position of Director of Operations at the Fédération des Clubs de motoneigistes du Québec. A little farther from sports excellence, she pursued her activities as an Operations Manager and acquired different experience. However, her first passion led her to the job she is beginning today. “Isabelle La Vergne has a very rich combination of academic training and athletic and professional experience. On the one hand, as a coach and trainer of coaches, and from her experience at Parc Jean-Drapeau, she understands coaches’ realities and athletes’ needs. On the other hand, her scientific training in physical activity allows her to understand the technical, sports medicine and scientific aspects of coaching and preparing athletes for participation in major Games,” explains Marc Gélinas, President and Chief Executive Officer of INS Québec. The role of Director, Athlete Services and Training Groups, will be one of convergence of all departments. Isabelle sees this responsibility as her main challenge and her greatest motivation. “I love human contact with athletes, coaches and scientific professionals. I want to know and understand their needs so that we are a catalyst in athletes’ development and the best environment for success in their objectives,” Ms. La Vergne concluded.
14 april 2015
Le Multisport, édition du 14 avril 2015
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Les plongeurs québécois ont en mis plein la vue la fin de semaine dernière en décrochant un total de huit médailles devant leurs partisans à la Coupe Canada, un Grand Prix de la FINA qui faisait un arrêt à Gatineau
13 april 2015
New appointments at the Institut national du sport du Québec
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12 april 2015
Rendez-vous des entraîneurs 2015
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