A Tribute and Networking Event for New Équipe Québec Retirees

On Thursday, December 13, a Tribute and Networking Event for was held in Montreal for athletes supported by the Équipe Québec program. This special evening to which both active and recently retired athletes were invited was aimed, among other things, at paying tribute to athletes who announced their retirement from sports over the past 18 months. New sports retirees were invited with their parents and partners.

Initially, athletes had the opportunity to attend a panel led by Alexandre Laganière on networking and career transition. Entitled “Out of one’s comfort zone,” this panel focused on the expertise of two specialists, Isabelle Chagnon—an occupational psychologist specializing in the development of relationship skills—and Marc Merulla, a specialist in the integration of training programs and the facilitation of team-building activities. Both stakeholders shared some practical advice to prepare athletes for their career transition.

In addition to some networking tips and advice for interviews, they also addressed more general topics such as the difficulty of finding their identity outside of sport, the relevance of listening to their instinct and the importance of not neglecting leisure in order to have a balanced professional life.

Some athletes then took advantage of the presence of the two specialists and Game Plan advisors Sophie Brassard and Lu Bonnet to ask questions and talk about their personal experiences in education, job searching and sports transition.

Isabelle Chagnon concluded by sharing some simple tips such as optimizing your network, getting to know yourself and thinking about transferable skills. As for Marc Merulla, he concluded with this sentence encouraging new retirees to dive into their new professional adventure: “Become more of who you are already.”

After an Asian-themed buffet, the twenty retired athletes in attendance were each, in turn, called forward to receive their Équipe Québec souvenir jersey. For many, it was a significant moment that marked the end of their sports career and highlighted their successes.

Throughout the evening, a film grew gathered stories and thanks of retired athletes and the congratulations of the parents and friends who accompanied them.

The retired athletes are:

Prénom Nom Discipline
Magali Roche Athlétisme
Julien Bahain Aviron
Pascal Lussier Aviron
Lizanne Murphy Basket-ball
Mickael Poulin Basket-ball (SFR)
Kim Clavel Boxe olympique
Arianne Fortin Boxe olympique
David Gauthier Boxe olympique
Gabriel Beauchesne-Sévigny Canoë-kayak de vitesse
Émilie Fournel Canoë-kayak de vitesse
Hugues Fournel Canoë-kayak de vitesse
Marc Tarling Canoë-kayak de vitesse
Audrey Lemieux Cyclisme (para)
Lyne Bessette Cyclisme (para)
Pierre-Olivier Boily Cyclisme (para)
Robert Labbé Cyclisme (para)
Aroussen Laflamme Cyclisme (para)
Joëlle Numainville Cyclisme (RP)
Étienne Lalonde Turbide Escrime
Nancy Morin Goalball
Audrey Rousseau Gymnastique artistique
Gabrielle Davidson Hockey sur glace
Charline Labonté Hockey sur glace
Sergio Pessoa Judo
Tremblay Stéfanie Judo
Dorothy Yeats Lutte olympique
Matthiew Miller Lutte olympique
Gabriella Brisson Nage synchronisée
Marie-Lou Morin Nage synchronisée
Élizabeth Savard Nage synchronisée
Karine Thomas Nage synchronisée
Sandrine Mainville Natation
Geneviève Cantin Natation
Philippe Guertin Natation
Victoria Poon Natation
Jean-Michel Lavallière Natation (para)
Sarah Mailhot Natation (para)
Élisabeth Paradis Patinage artistique
Samuel Bélanger-Marceau Patinage de vitesse c.p.
Joanie Gervais Patinage de vitesse c.p.
Namasthée Harris Gauthier Patinage de vitesse c.p.
Guillaume Bastille Patinage de vitesse c.p.
Marie-Ève Drolet Patinage de vitesse c.p.
Patrick Duffy Patinage de vitesse c.p.
François Hamelin Patinage de vitesse c.p.
Maxim Bouchard Plongeon
Félix Leathead Plongeon
Latoya Blackwood Rugby
Natasha Watchman-Roy Rugby
Julianne Zussman Rugby
Charles Leclerc Rugby (SFR)
Maxime Dufour-Lapointe Ski acrobatique (bosses)
Alex-Anne Gagnon Ski acrobatique (bosses)
Marc-Antoine Gagnon Ski acrobatique (bosses)
Simon Pouliot-Cavanagh Ski acrobatique (bosses)
Audrey Rocbichaud Ski acrobatique (bosses)
Jean-Christophe André Ski acrobatique (sauts)
Mélissa Corbo Ski acrobatique (sauts)
Anouk Purnelle-Faniel Ski acrobatique (slopestyle)
Sophie Carrier-Laforte Ski de fond
Simon Lapointe Ski de fond
Alexis Turgeon Ski de fond
Josée Bélanger Soccer
Rhian Wilkinson Soccer
Ariane Lavigne Surf des neiges
Gale Stewart Tir
Patrick Rivest Bunster Tir à l’arc
Georcy-Stéphanie Thiffeault-Picard Tir à l’arc
Martin Robitaille Voile
Daniel Lewis Volleyball
Fanny Boutrouille Water-polo
Michelle Caron Water-polo
Alice Nepveu Water-polo
Dominique Perreault Water-polo
Christine Robinson Water-polo


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