Activities at the Sports Innovation Summit at INS Québec

On Thursday, November 1, the INS Québec complex hosted a SPIN (Sport Innovation) summit activity day organized by Own the Podium. The aim of this Canadian symposium is to enable professionals working in the fields of applied sports sciences, sports medicine and technological innovation to attend lectures given by experts and to do networking. The goal is also to share best practices and explore ideas about technological and sports-related scientific research.

This big annual meeting brought together experts in various areas of specialization, including doctors, nutritionists, sports scientists, physical trainers and professionals from other areas related to high-level athletics. The activity day at INS Québec was an opportunity for the experts to participate in practical workshops. The installations at the Complex were perfectly suited to enable participants to try out the latest innovations in a hands-on situation.

After a welcoming address in the gymnasium, the specialists were directed to the various workshops according to their areas of practice and their interests. The day was divided into three blocks of workshops with at least six of them taking place simultaneously in the various locations of the INS Québec and the Olympic Park Sports Centre. In total, 19 workshops were offered to participants over the course of the day.

The content of the workshops placed a large focus on innovation and the most up-to-date practices in scientific and medical support for high-level athletes.  The SPIN Summit is designed to be an opportunity for the specialists to break fresh ground by discovering the most recent innovations in their fields and also to learn more in areas that are complementary to their own expertise. It was an opportunity for everyone to learn, discuss, exchange information and explore the knowledge and the tools that will promote the success of Olympic and Paralympic athletes both in the short term and the long-term.


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