Jouez gagnant

Host a talk by an international-level athlete for free! …and take their lead!

Get moving, set goals, persevere and adopt an active lifestyle!

 What is “Jouez gagnant!”?

Aimed primarily at kids and teens, the main objective of “Jouez gagnant!” is to promote the benefits of sports and physical activity to young people. Athletes and coaches supported by the Équipe Québec program deliver their message across Québec in the form of free talks, at the invitation of…

  • schools
  • municipalities (day camps, leisure and sports services)
  • sports organizations (clubs, regional associations, sports federations, events)
  • community organizations

Who are the speakers?

All the speakers are “Excellence” level athletes from a range of disciplines, and may be active or retired.

Speakers are involved in the program on a volunteer basis with a view to passing their passion for sports on to young people. Having experience juggling intensive training with work or school, athletes are excellent role models for young people and can demonstrate the importance of setting goals and following your dreams.

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How do I get an athlete to speak at an event?

Any organization wishing to host a “Jouez gagnant!” speaker must submit a request form.

To ensure access to as many people as possible, we request that organizations refrain from submitting more than one request per year.

Some important information:

  • The audience should include a minimum of 50 people;
  • Audience members should be aged nine or above
  • Requests must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event;
  • Talks are 30 to 60 minutes long and followed by a Q&A;
  • Costs incurred by speakers (including travel and accommodation) are assumed by the “Jouez gagnant!” program
  • Following each talk, the host organization is invitedto fill out an evaluation form to express their opinion of the event; filling out this form is a prerequisite should the organization wish to repeat the experience the following year;
  • Athletes must live or be in the same administrative region as the host environment the day of the conference

Jouez gagnant video

Canadian Olympic School Program

To get students interested in and excited about athletes and sports both before and after a “Jouez gagnant!” talk, INS Québec invites teachers and schools to take advantage of the resources provided by the Canadian Olympic School Program.

Thanks to a partnership between INS Québec and the Canadian Olympic Committee, schools have access to a range of teaching tools developed by the Canadian Olympic Committee. By using these educational materials in class, schools can prepare their students for the athlete’s arrival by encouraging them to discuss and think about issues faced by both young people and high-performance athletes. Combined with the material in the Canadian Olympic School Program, “Jouez gagnant!” talks are the result of a joint effort seeking to inspire the leaders of tomorrow.


École Euclide-Lanthier
A big, sincere thanks for this wonderful day with Anouk. She is absolutely brilliant! Her energy and enthusiasm captured the students’ attention. Her message about dreams and perseverance was delivered with aplomb […]. I think this experience will stay with the students for a long time. And me, too.

Collège Laurier 
Absolutely brilliant! Everyone left the talk full of inspiration. Long live the Jouez gagnant program […]. I would recommend Philippe to any school—an amazing story, a very charismatic person who managed to captivate not only the students but the staff as well […]. Bravo and thanks again!

Fédération de voile du Québec
I just want to say a massive thank you for setting it up so Sarah could make it. Please can you tell her how amazing she was, motivating and inspiring for my athletes—they totally LOVED having her come and talk with them.

École Georges-P.-Vanier

BRAVO! INCREDIBLE! The message of perseverance went down well. Teachers and administrators were impressed and moved!

As an aside: when Audrey showed a video of a race she won, the students broke out in applause at the end as though it had just happened.

École Émile-Nelligan
Ms. Drolet was a source of inspiration not only for the students but also for the staff […].

École Du Village
This message is to follow up on Francis’s talk at our school. He was super!!! The students and staff really appreciated him coming! The Équipe Québec program is so enriching for young people!!! It’s incredible! On behalf of the students and the team, thank you very much!!!

École Le Sentier

It is always very relevant for young people—keep going with this comprehensive program. This is the third time we have hosted an athlete, and it is always as inspiring and interesting for them.

Thank you! All the teachers enjoyed it, as did the youngsters.

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