Because eating, performing and savouring are all part of the same recipe!

By Ève Crépeau, Sports Nutritionist


I have wanted to be a nutritionist for as long as I can remember. Specifically, a sports nutritionist. Why? Because I like to move, try new sports, and simply out of curiosity. Because I’m a huge football fan. An Olympic fanatic. Because, as you’d expect, I love to eat. And cook. Everything was there. All the ingredients had come together to produce a future sports nutritionist.


Have you ever met with a nutritionist? Contrary to popular belief, a nutritionist’s role doesn’t involve forcing you to eat salad and cutting all joy from your menu. On the contrary. Nutritionists know better than anyone that eating is one of life’s small pleasures.


For athletes, eating also goes hand in hand with performance.


On average, everyone eats at least three times a day. Nutrition is therefore everyone’s business. It can help us recover from long hours of training, stay focused at school and get the most out of all those hours spent at the gym. Nutrition is an invaluable ally when it comes to bringing all the key elements together to achieve one’s maximum potential.


And yet it’s so easy to neglect. Forgetting to plan supper, grabbing whatever to eat as you head out to the gym, or worse, eating nothing at all. Everyone eats, yet few people make the right choices, know the best times to eat or even the right amount to eat in order to perform.


That’s where a nutritionist comes in. Say goodbye to the frustration of meal planning, the feeling of an empty stomach and bloating while training. A nutritionist’s role is to maximize each bite. All without losing the joy of eating.


Because eating, performing and savouring are all part of the same recipe—a winning recipe to boot.

As part of Nutrition Month, free tastings will be held each week in the nutrition lab. Stay tuned for the dates and the full recipes recommended by our nutritionists. Recipe cards will be available on site. Be sure to stop by and ask your nutrition questions!


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