The Institut national du sport du Québec offers a multidisciplinary workplace that leverages a number of different professional, technical and scientific fields. Within a dynamic, open and constantly evolving context, team members are called upon—like their clientele—to strive for excellence. If you would like to take on a unique professional challenge working with Québec’s top high-performance athletes and coaches, please see the positions we are looking to fill below.

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The sports sciences department regularly accepts interns from a variety of backgrounds. Students who are interested may submit their CV and state their reasons for applying. Applications are considered each semester, based on needs.

Internship offers available

Data collection and programming
Data collection and programming of signal processing to monitor neuromuscular performance in high-performance athletes, particularly using jump tests on force plates


The candidate will assist in producing utility software to analyze neuromuscular performance in high-performance athletes. Using the literature and knowledge developed at INS Québec, the intern will program kinetic, kinematic and electromyographic data processing solutions. The candidate will work with an integrated team comprised of a sport biomechanist, a strength and conditioning coach and therapist from INS Québec.



–       Program interfaces for collection and processing signals from biomechanical sensors, particularly force plates

–       Develop a feedback process for staff involved



–       Canadian citizen or permanent resident

–       Student enrolled in a M.Sc. or Ph. D.

–       Skilled in various biomechanical measurement technologies (e.g. force plates, accelerometer, motion capture, etc.)

–       Experience in programming for gathering and processing large volumes of data (Matlab, R or equivalent)

–       Experience in signal processing (filtering, integral calculus, cycle detection) and in user interface design (via Matlab, C++ or equivalent)

–       Basic statistical knowledge

–       Knowledge of high-performance sport and biomechanics, an asset

We wish to work with a candidate who has experience with signal processing methods and managing large volumes of data.

Duration: 12 to 30 weeks (flexible)

Hours of work: 14 to 35 hrs/week (flexible)

Hourly rate: $22

Start date: January 2019

Workplace: 4141 Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue, Montreal, QC  H1V 3N7 (

Application: Cover letter and CV