Creating the program of Rendez-vous des Entraîneurs 2017: Passion as the starting point

This year, when we developed the program for Rendez-vous des Entraîneurs, we chose to respond to a recurring request from coaches: talk about them!


Considered as an emerging profession, a coach’s work is fascinating but offers conditions of employment that are often difficult. Coaches must manage a lot of physical, mental and emotional stress, which can affect their welfare and, given their relationship with their athletes, hinder development and performance.


How can coaches be equipped to deal with these problems?

Identifying the topics to be raised was a major challenge: these issues aren’t discussed so often in the sports field. In our initial research, we identified two people who could inspire us: Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay and Suzanne Laberge. One thing led to another and the discussions with these passionate women resulted in the development of an exceptional program, both for the coaches and for the organizations that hire them.


The guiding thread…

On Friday, September 29, we will present a picture of the current situation for coaches. Sabrina Lapointe will tell us her story first. Then Suzanne Laberge will present the preliminary results of part of our research on the status of high-performance coaches in Québec. She will discuss them parallel to the results of two other research studies she directed on this subject in the past few decades.


The conferences and discussion of Saturday, September 30 will equip coaches and sports organizations to improve the coaches’ professional situation. Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay will offer management strategies for organizations, based on the results of our research. Then Jean-Paul Richard and Sophie Gadoury, Andréa Joy Woodburn and Amélie Soulard will offer strategies that can be used by coaches to set their individual priorities while exercising their professional passion.


In conclusion, Pierre Trudel will discuss coaches’ expertise with the goal of inspiring them and helping them determine how they can find their place in all this: characteristics of expert coaches and what’s special about what they do, career development, etc.


Recognition as a springboard

Starting from a recurrent but nebulous request, we have succeeded in developing more than a program. We have developed a research project, but above all, we have consolidated our certainties regarding the quality and passion of the people who choose a coaching career. We sincerely hope to have the opportunity for discussion with as many coaches and sports organizations as possible in September 2017 to continue adding value to their commitment.


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