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Medico-scientific Assessment Camps

Targeting athletes involved in the process of high-performance sport as well as professional and semi-professional groups, the medico-scientific assessment camps provide an analysis of the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and neurological systems.

You benefit from a turnkey and fully customizable support according to your needs in terms of preseason, in-year, and postseason evaluation.

  • The information gathered guides the team surrounding the athlete in the direction of their interventions in order to improve their performance.
  • Following the analysis of your needs during a preliminary meeting, our team of experts will suggest a battery of medical-scientific tests specifically adapted to your sporting reality in connection with the latest developments in the field.
  • By performing all your tests at the Institut national du sport du Québec, you benefit from the expertise of our renowned interdisciplinary experts with access to state-of-the-art technologies located in world-class facilities.
  • After the prescribed tests, an individual report including results as well as individual recommendations will be provided to you and explained at a scheduled meeting.



The experience and knowledge of the INS Québec staff ensure that tests are performed according to protocol that guarantees the accuracy and reliability of the results.


The selection and evaluation protocols are designed to ensure that the results are easy to replicate for a subsequent repetition of the test under the same conditions, regardless of the specialist who will be called upon to repeat the test. This makes it possible to evaluate the improvement or the lack of progress for each evaluated variable.


The Institute is committed to carrying out your evaluation effectively, ensuring a rigorous, realistic and adapted planning of the various tests planned.

INS Québec reserves the right to accept only one-time activities for which:

  • 1) The quality is sufficiently high;
  • 2) The safety of the participants is assured;
  • 3) The proposed tests are appropriate, meet the needs of the sport, and the required material and human resources are available.

If necessary, applicants will be advised to consult experts from the INS Québec medical or scientific team when developing or reviewing their test battery for quality, safety, feasibility, and scientific value.

Our Services

Medical services

  • Nutrition consultation
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Assessment and analysis of body composition by taking anthropometric measurements (ISAK)
  • Bod Pod assessment and analysis of body composition (air displacement plethysmography)
  • Body composition assessment and analysis on DEXA (two-photon x-ray absorptiometry)
  • Resting electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Blood pressure measurement with automated device BpTru (digital blood pressure monitor)
  • Ambulatory echocardiography with Holter monitor over a 24 hour period.
  • Blood test and vaccination
  • Pre-season assessment with physician
  • Functional assessment (SCAT / VOMS / BIODEX)
  • Evaluation on isokinetic dynamometer, including submission of a report.
  • SFMA functional assessment and exercise prescription
  • Assessment of the current level of functions (baseline) in neuro-optometry, neuropsychology, physical reactivation of the autonomic nervous system and physiotherapy (cervical and vestibular assessment) in order to establish a baseline of reference in the case of a concussion and to identify current gaps in a prevention program.

Scientific services

  • Agility tests
  • Sleep analysis
  • Mental preparation consultation
  • Biomechanics consultation / performance analysis
  • Consultation with an exercise physiologist
  • Custom test battery
  • Running tests (Distance limit or time
  • Léger-Boucher / RHIET test (shuttle)
  • Muscle endurance tests
  • Muscle flexibility tests
  • Maximum strength tests
  • Strenght-speed tests on an ergometer
  • Physical preparation consultation
  • Critical power tests
  • Maximum mechanical power tests / repetition of movements
  • Jump tests (vertical / horizontal) on a force platform
  • Isometric mid-thigh pull© test
  • VO2max test (with or without lactatemia)
  • Wingate test (with or without lactatemia)

Workshops and conferences

  • Nutrition
  • Biomechanics
  • Performance analysis
  • Mental preparation
  • Physiologist
  • Physical training

Facility Rental

Together with the medical-scientific evaluation camps, you can organize your team training sessions, training sessions, team meetings, etc


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