2nd Benefit Show of INS Québec
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Start: 15 november at 18h00
End: 15 november at 23h00

2nd Benefit Show of INS Québec

Band on tour! Rock music at its best.

For a second time, INS Québec invites you to its benefit dinner-show at the Casino de Montréal’s Cabaret. Come join us for a presentation of Band on tour! Rock music at its best on Wednesday, November 15 starting at 6 pm.

In 2016, the business community raised $180,000 in support of both elite and up-and-coming athletes. The business community’s dedication in support of our work reflects the importance we place on Olympic and Paralympic athletes who proudly represent us on the world stage.

Once again this year, INS Québec provided sports medicine, sports science, and overall wellness services to some 500 Olympic and Paralympic athletes in Quebec. Furthermore, through its network of eight regional multi-sport training centres, INS Québec is able to serve the 2 000 athletes and coaches of the next generation. In addition to its state-of-the-art Complex located in the heart of Olympic Park, the INS Québec network also includes 17 single-sport training centres.


Your tickets options for the Dinner-Show (starting 6:00 PM)

Table for 6 + 2 Athletes                                10 000$

Table for 8                                                      8 000$

Box for 4                                                         5 000$

Table for 4                                                      4 000$


For the Show only (starting 7:45 PM)

Individual ticket                                                 100$


If you cannot participate, you can donate.

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I am aware that I may be held legally and criminally liable for any false or deceptive statements made by me to tax authorities. I agree to receive an official donation receipt for tax purposes.

For information:

Carol Bassil

(514) 255-1000 ext. 283