Excellence and perfection meet at INS Québec

Excellence met perfection at the Institut national du sport du Québec today (July 8, 2015). With her seven perfect scores of 10 and three gold medals, Nadia Comăneci (www.bartandnadia.com) represents not just excellence but perfection. Some sixty or so gymnasts had the chance to spend some time with Nadia—still known as the Queen of the Montréal Olympics—when she visited the gymnastics facilities at INS Québec, as part of Canada Olympic Excellence Day (www.olympicexcellenceday.ca) organized by the Canadian Olympic Committee (www.olympic.ca).

A year ago, almost to the day, the Institut national du sport du Québec was starting a new chapter as the first wave of employees were arriving at the new Olympic Park complex. For the organization, this was another step towards fulfilling its mission to provide a daily training environment, facilities and services in line with the best in the world. One more step in the quest for excellence…

During her visit, Nadia was accompanied by her husband, double Olympic medallist Bart Conners (www.bartandnadia.com), and both had high praise for INS Québec’s facilities. But a gymnasium is more than simply apparatuses and equipment; it develops its own soul over the years. We hope that Nadia’s presence has infused this “soul-in-the-making” with a desire for perfection. Who better to inspire gymnasts seeking that magic “Perfect 10” than this great Romanian-American, who succeeded in doing so seven times in 1976?

None of the athletes present—nor many of the coaches—had been born when Nadia Comăneci dazzled the world and made her mark on the history of sports forever. However, in a way, all of them are her heirs. Thanks to her, they know that 10 is possible. Thanks to her, it’s no longer just a dream…


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Some sixty or so gymnasts had the chance to spend some time with Nadia


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Coaches have also had their moment with Nadia Comăneci.


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At the press briefing that took place during the visit to the INS Québec, Nadia Comăneci (at the centre) was accompanied by her husband Bart Conner, double gold medalist in gymnastics (Los Angeles, 1984) and Annie Pelletier, 1996 Olympic bronze medalist, which was inspired by Romanian gymnast throughout her career as a diver.


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Nadia Comăneci and Bart Conner left an inspiring memory to the INS Québec gymnastics facility by signing a beam and parallel bars. Both athletes received the perfect score of 10, on these devices.


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The Queen and her heirs…


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