From CNMM to INS Québec…the 20th anniversary!

On the theme “From CNMM to INS Québec”, over 100 guests met on September 21,  2017 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Institut national du sport du Québec. Gathered in the Complex’s gym, the guests, who have all collaborated with the INS Québec over the years, commemorated the different periods from the creation of Centre national multi-sport-Montréal (CNMM) in 1997 to the establishment of the program of Centre d’excellence des sports aquatiques du Québec (CESAQ) at Montréal’s Olympic Park in 2007 to the official inauguration of the INS Québec Complex at Olympic Park in September 2014.

The Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports, Mr. Marc Carrière, took the opportunity to announce a $2 million investment in the INS Québec network ($1.5 million to the regional multi-sport training centres and $500,000 to the single-sport training centres).  This news was welcomed enthusiastically.

The evening ended with an Au revoir to 2022 for the 25th anniversary of INS Québec!

From CNMM to INS Québec


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