From the Pyeongchang Games to the elementary school gymnasium: inspiring kids to play sports

On May 3, three Olympians and one Paralympian from the Pyeongchang Games kicked off Québec Sports and Physical Activity Day alongside students from three schools in the Quebec City area.

To highlight this day, which was created to get people of all ages to discover the joy of moving around and playing sports, the athletes visited the schools where they were warmly welcomed by the students who followed their exploits at the Pyeongchang Games. The guests talked about their athletic career and encouraged the students to pursue their dreams during a brief presentation. This meeting was also an opportunity for the students to ask questions to the Olympic and Paralympic athletes they watched compete in South Korea a few months ago. The children asked them questions like how did they start practising their sport, how do they manage the stress of a competition and how many hours a week do they train.

Sébastien Fortier
Philippe Marquis
À gauche: Cendrine Browne et Sébastien Fortier

Four athletes participated in this special activity, part of the “Jouez gagnant” program. Freestyle skier Mikaël Kingsbury, the gold medallist in moguls, was joined by the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sport, Sébastien Proulx, at visit to Saint-Michel School. Meanwhile, cross-country skier Cendrine Browne and para nordic skier Sébastien Fortier met students at Beausoleil school while freestyle skier Philippe Marquis visited Institut Saint-Joseph.

Mikaël Kingsbury told the children that he began dreaming about the Olympic Games when he was 10 years old, but the path that led him to win the gold medal at the last Olympics was lined with multiple obstacles to overcome. “I had written on a piece of paper above my bed, I’m going to win. It wasn’t always easy and there lots of highs and lows, but I kept my dream in mind while setting other smaller goals along the way.”

Mikaël Kingsbury

Today’s Olympians inspire tomorrow’s Olympians. Some of the students dream of medals and the Olympic Games. However, beyond medals and performance, the athletes’ message was clear: sports allow you to grow, overcome challenges, enjoy meaningful experiences, have fun and develop passions. Whether it is fulfilling a dream or simply having fun among friends, there are a number of benefits to moving around. This simple message brought by inspiring athletes influences the students to develop an active lifestyle and get involved in a sport.

Quebec schools can host Olympians and Paralympians for free throughout the school year as part of the “Jouez gagnant” program. For information:

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Agent, Jouez gagnant

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