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Montréal, June 12, 2020 – Institut national du sport du Québec (INS Québec) welcomes enthusiastically the announcement by the Minister for Education, Isabelle Charest, to allow resumption of training in the Institute’s network for high-performance athletes. Thus, high performance athletes will be able to resume part and gradually their training at the INS Québec Complex as of June 15.

INS Québec has obtained the approval from the Direction nationale de la Santé publiques (DNSP), the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (MÉES) and the Régie des installations olympiques to proceed with the partial and gradual reopening of its Complex located at the Olympic Park. In addition, with regard to the partners of the INS Québec Network, designated athletes will be able to resume activities in their single-sport training centre and receive medical and scientific services from regional multisport training centres.

“From the beginning of the confinement period, INS Québec has continued to provide support to high-performance athletes and coaches remotely,” said Gaëtan Robitaille, President and CEO of the Institute. “Our experts have a front row seat to witness the recent challenges, and being able to resume our activities will undoubtedly help to meet certain needs. The INS Québec Complex as well as its network partners will be opened in full compliance with public health guidelines in order to create a healthy and safe training environment, because it’s my belief that the best way to support athletes is to help them stay healthy.”

As of June 15th, the strength and conditioning room and the medical clinic as well as all sports training areas inside the Complex will be open, subject to certain conditions. In collaboration with INS Québec, each resident sport has outlined a plan for reopening their respective training areas. These plans have also been approved by DNSP and MÉES. With regard to other areas of the Institute (e.g., laboratories, meeting rooms), activities will be resumed according to the required authorizations and the needs of the training groups.

Driven by the concern for the health and safety of its employees, users of its Complex and their families, INS Québec has implemented a series of measures that enable its activities to partially and gradually resume, while also ensuring compliance with public health guidelines, especially social distancing: limited and controlled access to the Complex; limited group; training by appointment and for a limited time; reconfigured premises; installation of protective equipment; consultation and treatment at the medical clinic by appointment only, etc.

Regarding the gradual reopening of the 17 single-sport training centres and the eight regional multi-sport training centres that are parts of the INS Québec Network, the process of resuming activities could begin as of June 15. The dates and terms will vary for each centre according to the needs and specificity of their clienteles, all in compliance with public health guidelines.

“On behalf of INS Québec, I would like to thank athletes, coaches, members of staff from organizations and partners for their understanding and their ability to adapt to the current situation,” added Mr. Robitaille. I would also like to commend the professionalism, innovation and resilience of the members of our team who, despite the current circumstances, have remained committed and have continued to perform their duties to a high standard.”


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