Hockey Training at the INS Québec

A text by Cory Kennedy, Strength and Conditioning Supervisor

Training for the Olympics is a four years journey. At the INS Québec, as partner in performance, we do everything we can to be there and be our best at that time.

When it comes to Hockey Canada athletes Marie-Philip Poulin, Mélodie Daoust, and Lauriane Rougeau, training at the INS Québec is about using cutting-edge tools in order to work harder than everyone else in the world. We use various technologies like force platforms, timing gates, radar, and instrumented stationary bikes.

Marie-Philip Poulin

Lauriane Rougeau

We triangulate the athlete’s training status through vertical jumps, sprints, change of direction, and work capacity tests. Various information is collected regularly, tracked and put into context to direct our priorities. These data are collected to ensure we are achieving our goals.

Then we go to work to improve. We work hard. During the off-season, we train daily. In-Season, we still train a minimum twice a week, usually thrice. And while we work hard, we smile, we laugh, and we joke. We enjoy our time together because our objectives and our commitment to each other are clear.

Training for four years towards one big goal is a long and difficult journey. The environment we provide at the INS Québec tries to keep this as enjoyable and productive as possible. Sharing the gym with other Olympic athletes helps to keep the inspiration and motivation high!

Now they get to show the world what they are capable of!


Go Canada Go!


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