INS Québec and INSEP sign a new collaboration agreement

On April 23, the Institut national du sport du Québec (INS Québec) welcomed a French delegation, along with French Sports Minister, Mrs. Laura Flessel. The culminating point of this visit was the signature of the new collaboration agreement between the Institut national du sport, de l’expertise et de la performance (INSEP) and INS Québec. This agreement focuses on, among other things, the exchange of expertise in high-performance sports performance and high-performance sports medicine. INSEP is a long-standing partner of INS Québec and the new agreement is a renewal of both institutes’ willingness to collaborate.

The French delegation began by visiting INS Québec facilities. To kick off the tour of the institute, François Bieuzen, sports scientist at INS Québec, who had previously worked for INSEP, accompanied the delegation into the strength and conditioning room.

Shortly after, making their way poolside, the delegation was able to see diving athletes in training.

The visit then took place in the fencing room in the presence of several athletes. The French Sports Minister, who participated in the Olympic Games from 1996 to 2012, winning a total of five medals, took advantage of her position near the fencing lines to talk with athletes and coaches.

During her visit, Minister Flessel noted the successful integration of the Paralympic athletes within INS Québec, as she observed boccia training in the gymnasium and several wheelchair fencers in the fencing room.

The French guests were led to take the tour of the medical clinic, where they met with Dr. Suzanne Leclerc. The latter holds a doctorate in concussions in sports, an issue that is of notable interest to the Minister who wishes to implement a concussion screening program in France.

During a meal that was served on INS Québec premises, Minister Flessel was invited to take the floor. She referred to her childhood memories of the 1976 Olympic Games when she began dreaming about the Games at the age of five. She also emphasized the importance of involving citizens in sports and the need to get the population moving, a matter that is particularly close to her heart, as the French media recently reported.

Minister Laura Flessel, Mr. Ghani Yalouz, director of INSEP and Mr. Gaëtan Robitaille, CEO of INS Québec, then signed the collaboration agreement between both institutes.

Invited to speak, Ms. Guylaine Bernier, Olympic rowing athlete at the 1976 Games, recounted the great experience of participating in the Olympic Games in her city. As for Mr. François Godbout, member of the OCOG for the 1976 Games, he highlighted the role that France played in awarding the Games to Montreal.

To celebrate her visit to the Olympic city of Montreal, Mr. Robitaille gave the Minister a torch of the Montreal Olympic Games. Moved to receive such a symbolic gift, the Minister noted being very proud of the award of the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024 while underlining the close links between the cities of Montreal and Paris.


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