INS Québec features in Innovate Montreal 2019

INS Québec features in Innovate Montreal 2019


The Institut national du sport du Québec (INS Québec) is one of several Montreal organizations featuring in Innovate Montreal 2019, a publication that is part of the Innovate series highlighting key players in innovation. This 350-page, bilingual book focuses on Montreal, with additional video content available in the digital version.

“We were invited to be part of this project and it offered INS Québec a great opportunity to stand out, as we are very active in both research and innovation in Olympic and Paralympic sports,” explains Thomas Romeas, medical and scientific expert adviser.

The two-page spread dedicated to INS Québec starts by describing the services offered by the Institute and its role in developing new tools to help high-level athletes reach their full potential and push the boundaries. The feature then goes on to discuss the practical applications of the Institute’s research and innovation activities to improve the performance, health and well-being of athletes on a day-to-day basis. The article also touches upon a few of the organization’s ongoing research and innovation activities. A video focusing on physiotherapist Véronique Carmel and speed skater Kasandra Bradette, demonstrates the role of INS Québec and its partners in pushing athletes to reach the highest levels of performance on the global stage.


Innovate Montreal 2019 is available online and in some Montreal bookstores. The book not only provides information but also allows the Institute to create links with innovative companies and organizations working with leading technologies.


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