INS Québec – Sports medicine team in Pyeongchang

By Véronique Carmel, Sports physiotherapist

In February 2018, I will have the chance to accompany the national short track speed skating team to the Pyeongchang Olympic Games in South Korea. It will be my second Olympic experience with this exceptional team.

It is a privilege to work each day with these athletes, coaches and members of the integrated support team. I am also lucky to be part of the INS Québec sports medicine team, which allows me to be close to skaters during all stages of the performance process: training, preparation, competitions as well as recovery. Being close to the athletes allows me to monitor each member of the team and to intervene in cases of prevention, injury treatment, first aid emergency and rehabilitation toward optimal performance. This way, I can better understand everyone’s specific needs and guide them through the process. This close monitoring is a determining performance factor when stress is high and the required effort is at a maximum.

My role is to ensure that athletes are well prepared and coached throughout the season, but of course, the period of the Olympic Games is particularly crucial. With the integrated support team, we make every effort so that athletes feel supported. Our common goal is to ensure that they can focus on their performance and achieve their goals.

The short track events will run for most of the Games, from February 10 to 22. Quite a challenge if you consider the pressure and attention given to this event! There is a lot of work involved in preparation and there will be just as much during the competition to maintain performance. For my part, between on ice training, competitions and team meetings, there will certainly be several sessions at the Canadian Olympic Committee medical clinic to help athletes be at their best.

I wish the Canadian short track team all the success it deserves. It is with great pride that I will be behind the scenes to encourage and support our athletes!

Suzanne Leclerc (Director, INS Québec – Sports medicine clinic), François Bieuzen (INS Québec – Exercice Physiologist) and Véronique Carmel (INS Québec – Sports physiotherapist) are part of the integrated support team of the National Short Track Speed Skating Team.

Véronique with the Olympic Short Track Speed Skating Team.


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