About us


Created in 1997 as the Centre national multisport-Montréal, the Institut national du sport du Québec (INS Québec) is a private, not-for-profit organization that supports all athletes involved in Olympic or Paralympic sports and high-level coaches in Québec. INS Québec is a key partner in the sports systems of both Québec and Canada.

Headquartered at its new complex in the heart of Montréal’s Olympic Park since the summer of 2014, INS Québec offers services to nearly five hundred athletes supported by Sport Canada or the Équipe Québec program of the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS) as well as some ninety coaches supported by the Équipe Québec program. Many of these athletes and coaches are members of the seventeen high-performance single-sport training groups recognized by INS Québec. INS Québec is a member of the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network, which comprises three centres and four institutes across Canada.

Mission, vision and guiding principles

The Institut national du sport du Québec (INS Québec) provides Québec’s high performance athletes and coaches with support and integrated services comparable to world class practices in order to lead them to excellence.

The vision of the Institut national du sport du Québec is to be the essential driving force behind the development of high-performance sport in Québec. It plays a pivotal role in the pursuit of excellence among high-performance athletes and coaches and shines on the national and international levels.

To accomplish its mission and make its vision a reality, INS Québec has adopted guiding principles to define its management culture and drive its actions. These guiding principles are:

  • Make dedicated services readily accessible and maintain client satisfaction
  • Consistently strive for service quality
  • Seek to foster a culture of excellence with the organisation and its membership
  • Maintain an ethical and fair environment through its everyday actions
  • Be prepared to adapt to changing needs and deliver more than what is asked for
  • Innovation as the driving force behind the development of services
  • Developing partnerships to contribute to the organization’s mission

Development strategies

Development at the Institut national du sport du Québec is based on three strategies:

  1. Priority access to international-calibre training facilities and treatment spaces.
  2. Scientific and sports medicine services in line with the best practices in the world.
  3. Improved support for the next generation of high-performance athletes, particularly in the form of scientific and sports medicine services.

Area of intervention

The four main areas of activity of INS Québec are…

  1. Services to high-performance athletes and training groups at its complex in Montréal’s Olympic Park or elsewhere in Québec, wherever their primary Québec training site is located.
  2. Training and development services for high-performance coaches, scientific or sports medicine practitioners, and resource people who are involved in training high-level coaches.
  3. Support and guidance for regional multi-sport training centres and single-sport training centres.
  4. A research and innovation program, working in collaboration with Québec universities in the fields of science and sports medicine.


INS Québec offers specialized, leading-edge services to members of Canadian teams training in Québec. These athletes are identified as “Excellence” level according to the categories used by the Québec sports system. INS Québec also offers, to a lesser extent, services to Québec athletes in the “Élite” and “Relève” categories, based on their level of performance.

There are three types of services:

  • sport medicine: massage therapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy, medicine, etc.
  • scientific: nutrition, exercise physiology, physical and mental training, biomechanical analysis, etc.
  • personal: assistance with public speaking, budget planning, marketing and sponsorship, media training, job search support, career transition, etc.

INS Québec’s services to individual athletes are offered as close to the athlete’s residence or training facility as possible. However, some services are reserved for athletes who are members of high-performance training groups.

The range of complementary personal and professional services offered to athletes and coaches has expanded in recent years. This includes a career transition program launched to help athletes prepare for life once their competitive career has come to an end. This personalized support service offers psychological services and workshops dealing with topics such as academic work and direction, personal development or searching for employment.

INS Québec delivers services to athletes with the help of its in-house team of specialists as well as practitioners hand-picked for specific mandates; a significant portion of these services are currently provided by contract staff.

Coach training services

Coaches form an important part of our sports system. INS Québec seeks to contribute to the training and professional development of international-calibre coaches who can prepare athletes to deliver performances worthy of an Olympic or Paralympic medal—as much in the sporting arena as in life.

With respect to training services for coaches, INS Québec pursues the following goals:

  • Improve French-language training available to coaches while helping them to gain experience and work more effectively.
  • Provide integrated training for high-performance coaching practices that is focused on acquiring the necessary skills for this purpose.
  • Provide an educational program that suits the social and professional context of Quebecers involved in high-performance sports coaching.

In order to contribute to the training of high-performance coaches, INS Québec offers a variety of programs, including the Advanced Coaching Diploma (ACD) from the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). The ACD is an important step towards advanced certification by the Coaching Association of Canada. At least ten coaches take part in this program each year.

In an effort to provide relevant information to benefit the professional development of high-performance coaches, INS Québec offers complements to training in the form of various gatherings and communications. More than 700 coaches take part in these professional development activities each year.

INS Québec through the years


Centre national multisport-Montréal (CNMM) created


First cohort of coaches enter ACD training course


First edition of Le Multisport


Website set up in collaboration with INSEP: savoir-sport.org


First edition of Rendez-vous des entraîneurs


“Jouez gagnant!” program launched


ASPC conference held


Centre d’excellence des sports aquatiques du Québec (CESAQ) program set up at Montréal’s Olympic Park


Mixed committee formed bringing together the Centre national multisport-Montréal (CNMM) and the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS) to spearhead the research and exploration process leading to the creation of a sports institute in Québec


Functional and technical program developed, describing the concept of the INS Québec complex at the Olympic Park


Construction of the INS Québec announced by the Québec government during a press conference at the Olympic Park


Clinic offering sports medicine services opened on the INS Québec site


The CNMM officially becomes the Institut national du sport du Québec


INS Québec officially granted institute status by Sport Canada


Work on the INS Québec complex begins at the Olympic Park in February


The INS Québec complex at the Olympic Park officially inaugurated on September 19