About us


Created in 1997, the Institut national du sport du Québec (INS Québec) is a private, not-for-profit organization that supports all athletes involved in Olympic or Paralympic sports and high performance coaches in Québec.

To do this, INS Québec, in partnership with its clients, employees, members of sports community and funding sources, develops and maintains access to guidance and integrated services comparable to the best practices in the world for high-performance athletes and for the next generation of athletes throughout Quebec.

INS Québec coordinates a Québec wide network, including its Olympic Park complex, the 8 regional multi-sport training centres, and the 17 single-sport training centres.

At the Canadian level, INS Québec is an active member of the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network, which comprises four institutes and three national multi-sport centres.


By its commitment and itshigh-quality services, INS Québec affirms its mission as a “Catalystof dreams… one athlete at a time”.

Catalyst : We work to facilitate athletic performance.

of dreams : Fuel the athletes’ dreams by supporting their commitment and athletic work.

one athlete at a time : Listen, know and understand the needs of an athlete, a training group or a sport and offer the best solutions.


INS Québec’s reason for action is both clear and precise : be an essential performance partner for Quebec and Canadian high-performance sports. In this sense, we want to be an organization with which athletes, coaches and sports organizations will associate to obtain the best solutions for improving athletic performance.


To accomplish its mission and make its vision a reality, INS Québec relies on a triangle of values to define its management culture and drive its actions : Excellence – Ethics – Collaboration.

Excellence: The pursuit of a culture of excellence for all INS Québec partners.
Ethics: Interventions driven by an ethical and fair environment.
Collaboration: Work and think together in respect for the partners to contribute to the fulfillment of the athletes’ dreams.

Development directions

Development at INS Québec is based on 3 strategies:

  • Providing science and sport medicine services comparable to the best practices in the world.
  • Improved support for the next generation of high-performance athletes.
  • Priority access to world class training facilities and treatment spaces.
Strategic plan 2017-2021

The strategic plan is based on :

3 pillars of intervention

8 strategic directions

20 strategies to pursue

médecine sport

Sport medicine services

Medicine, physiotherapy, massage therapy, osteopathy, nutrition, etc.


Sport science services

Exercise physiology, physical and mental training, biomechanical analysis, etc.


Training services

Contribution to the training and professional development of coaches and medical and scientific practitioners working with international-calibre and next-generation athletes.


Personal services

Advice for public speaking, budget planning, marketing and sponsorship, media approach, job search support, career transition, etc.


Sports services

Accommodation of activities, lending of premises.

INS Québec through the years


Centre national multisport-Montréal (CNMM) created


First cohort of coaches enter ACD training course


First edition of Le Multisport


Website set up in collaboration with INSEP: savoir-sport.org


First edition of Rendez-vous des entraîneurs


“Jouez gagnant!” program launched


ASPC conference held


Centre d’excellence des sports aquatiques du Québec (CESAQ) program set up at Montréal’s Olympic Park


Mixed committee formed bringing together the Centre national multisport-Montréal (CNMM) and the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS) to spearhead the research and exploration process leading to the creation of a sports institute in Québec


Functional and technical program developed, describing the concept of the INS Québec complex at the Olympic Park


Construction of the INS Québec announced by the Québec government during a press conference at the Olympic Park


Clinic offering sports medicine services opened on the INS Québec site


The CNMM officially becomes the Institut national du sport du Québec


INS Québec officially granted institute status by Sport Canada


Work on the INS Québec complex begins at the Olympic Park in February


The INS Québec complex at the Olympic Park officially inaugurated on September 19