Can the general public train and receive services at INS Québec?

No, INS Québec is an international-calibre training centre to help athletes achieve performance levels worthy of the podium. Unfortunately, the equipment is for the use of high-performance athletes only.

Are the services and facilities of INS Québec reserved for athletes on the national teams?

No, athletes given the “Excellence” designation by their provincial or national federation may train here. It is not necessary to be a member of a national team to access our services and facilities.

I’m not from the Montréal region—can I still train and access INS Québec services?

Of course! We serve athletes all over Québec. Our services are available in most regions of Québec, or can be accessed remotely, so that they are uniform for athletes across the province. Athletes with the “Excellence” designation visiting Montréal from other regions are welcome to train at INS Québec or tour the facilities. Simply contact our Athlete Services Advisor.

I’m not an athlete with a particular designation—can I still consult a doctor, physiotherapist or health specialist at the INS Québec clinic?

Yes, any Québec athlete will be seen by our physicians on presentation of a RAMQ card. A fee will apply for consultations with a physio or other specialist. Athletes with an “Excellence” designation are, however, given priority at the clinic.

Is INS Québec a government organization?

INS Québec is a private organization whose vision is to allow all Québec-based high-performance athletes and coaches to benefit from support on a par with the best practices in the world.

Do the regional multi-sport training centres offer the same services as INS Québec?

The seven regional multi-sport training centres form an integral part of the Institut national du sport du Québec network. These centres serve athletes from several sports disciplines in their administrative region, representing the next generation of athletes who aspire to wear the Team Canada uniform at major international competitions.

What is the “Jouez gagnant!” program?

“Jouez gagnant!” is a program that allows Équipe Québec athletes to visit organizations and give talks. Please register if you would like to take part.

Who is entitled to access the services and privileges offered by INS Québec, and what do they consist of?

We primarily serve “Excellence” status athletes in Québec—that is, athletes who have been given an “Excellence” designation by Sport Canada or the MELS. We offer services related to performance as well as personal and professional services.

My team would like to do some testing, hold a training camp or organize a competition at INS Québec. Would this be possible? What is the procedure?

Every request will be considered and assessed according to the level of the athletes and the availability of our spaces. Fees are applicable.