National Game Plan Day: A day for dispelling myths

As part of the first National Game Plan Day, approximately 60 high-performance athletes from across Canada had the opportunity to participate in a half-day activity at Deloitte’s offices.

In Montreal, a dozen athletes who use Game Plan services visited Deloitte’s downtown offices. Activities included shadowing, preparing job interviews and networking.

According to Sophie Brassard, career counselor and Game Plan advisor, this visit to Deloitte helped demystify work for the athletes. “They imagined a solitary and austere work environment, but in reality, there is a lot of social interaction. The goal was also to show them that the skills they’ve acquired through sport can transfer to the workplace. We wanted to open their horizons and motivate them to explore employment opportunities of which they may not have thought.” »

This is actually one of the things that fencer Joseph Polossifakis noticed. “I saw a lot of opportunities for athletes in a competitive environment like Deloitte.” »

Each participant was paired with an employee from the company so that the athlete could observe the work they do up close. Paralympic swimmer Benoît Huot particularly liked the opportunity for discovery: “For me, it was all about the technology. It’s a field that fascinates me.” »

At the end of the morning, the athletes participated in a job interview simulation. Although he was not unfamiliar with interviewing, Joseph Polossifakis thinks that this experience will help him improve and set himself apart in the labour market. “I received feedback on my performance during the interview. I learned about what body language to use as well as how to highlight my experience as an athlete so I could sell myself to a potential employer.” »

For Émilie Fournel, a kayaker used to the great outdoors, this was an opportunity to ease her concerns about the workplace. “For me, just walking into the Deloitte Tower and seeing what goes on there demystified corporate work environments. It’s very dynamic, it changes, it’s less routine than what I thought.” »

Cyclist Joëlle Numainville, who is considering a career in finance, was also among the participants. The Game Plan Day allowed her to consider a wider range of careers in line with her professional interests. “It opened doors for me and allowed me to discover employment possibilities of which I would have never dreamed.” »

The athletes completed their visit at the company with small networking sessions with members of the Deloitte team, as well as people from various companies that collaborate with the professional services firm.

This first edition of National Game Plan Day allowed participants to develop concrete tools for their professional career, thereby contributing to the creation of their post-sports game plan.


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