Performance Summit 2018

Together, INS Québec and Cirque du Soleil organized the Performance Summit 2018. This event was held at INS Québec on April 4, and then moved on to Cirque’s international headquarters on April 5. It was an opportunity to share and discuss the best practices that allow athletes and artists to perform to their full potential.
During the day at INS Québec, the integrated support teams from four sports gave presentations in front of all of the specialists who were gathered. Each collaborative team covered a different topic:


Para-Swimming: the development of physical abilities

Short-track speed skating: recovery after the endeavour

Trampoline: Performance analysis

Water Polo: Injury prevention and returning to the game.


The theme of injury prevention, specifically foot injuries, was also covered during a lecture by international expert, Blaise Dubois.

Throughout the Summit, performance experts from two organizations participated in workshops on creativity offered by the Mental Performance Counsultant, Véronique Richard who also works with both organisations. Finding innovative solutions, allowing athletes to develop their creativity, and encouraging variety and change in professional activities are some of the aspects of creativity that participants explored.

When asked about what they got out of their visit to INS Québec’s facilities, the Cirque’s specialists said that they were impressed by the INS Québec training room, with its recent equipment that can host several athletes at the same time as well as the laboratories for assessing athlete performance with technological tools.

Cirque du Soleil hosted the second day at their offices in the Saint-Michel borough. As part of the agenda, a panel with stakeholders from the world of professional and amateur sports was held. The panellists as well as the INS Québec and Cirque experts discussed and shared their experiences on several issues.

Always looking for ways to help athletes perform to their full potential, the participants explored the ways that acting could help to control emotions. During his lecture, Cirque du Soleil trainer Matthew Sparks drew a parallel between the work performed by the actors to render emotions and the athletes who must control very intense emotions to perform better under pressure.

Cirque’s experts also shared their challenges and solutions during a panel discussion in which they answered questions submitted by INS Québec specialists, and as part of a presentation about workload management.

The Performance Summit helped to build bridges between two organizations that work in two totally different fields, but with a common objective that seeks optimal performance. Whether it is for winning medals or for captivating an audience, INS Québec and Cirque du Soleil aspire for perfection.


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