Research Program

Research, Innovation and Dissemination of Information Program (PRIDI)

Thanks in large part to the financial support of the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (MÉES), the Institut national du sport du Québec (INS Québec) is able to carry out a variety of scientific activities, mainly through its Research, Innovation and Dissemination of Information Program (PRIDI), created in 2017.

In keeping with INS Québec’s mission, vision, guiding principles and development strategies, the aim of this program is to help athletes achieve the highest levels of performance on the international stage.

These activities encompass all areas of science and technology (motor learning, biomechanics, chronobiology, engineering, neuroscience, nutrition, physiology, psychology, etc.) that may be applied to high-performance sports, with increasing emphasis on artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality.

Some research and innovation activities take place within the Institute itself, while others are conducted in collaboration with people or organizations in the academic, medical or private sectors, and particularly with graduate students.

INS Québec works closely with high-performance training groups to judge the value and relevance of projects it intends to carry out or sponsor as part of PRIDI, and to rank them by priority.

INS Québec regularly consults specialists—often members of its Research and Innovation Committee—to clarify its vision, examine specific subjects and make the most of an excellent network of experts.

INS Québec also offers various scientific and technical services to private companies: “incubation”; developing, testing and improving equipment; expert guidance; development of standards; etc. The revenue generated by these services is added to the financial resources that INS Québec invests in athletes.

Researchers, graduate students, engineers and entrepreneurs who may have research or innovation ideas that could improve the performance of high-performance athletes are invited to contact INS Québec’s Scientific and Medical Expert Advisor, Thomas Romeas (

In short, INS Québec draws on the best scientific resources available to be a catalyst of dreams for the high-performance athletes of today and tomorrow.

Thomas Romeas, Ph. D.

Conseiller expert médico-scientifique

(514) 255-1000 poste 239 – C : (514) 677-3534