Game Plan Day in Canada: Showcasing how far athletes’ skills can take them

Game Plan Day in Canada: Showcasing how far athletes’ skills can take them


For a second consecutive year, athletes eligible for the Game Plan program were invited to participate in the Game Plan Day in Canada. This half-day activity took place in eight Deloitte offices across the country.

The participating athletes were welcomed at Deloitte where they discovered this successful and competitive company. They were then invited to participate in activities designed to prepare them for their professional career, including interview simulations, shadowing and help writing résumés.

“The decision to sign up for this day was easy to make. It’s thought for athletes, it’s free and I had heard only good things about this activity and the Game Plan program in general,” explains Keenan Simpson, a canoe-kayak athlete.

Despite his enthusiasm, the 20-year-old athlete was somewhat apprehensive about the day awaiting him. “This morning, I told myself that it was going to be weird, that everyone would be older than me. Finally, I felt good, I didn’t feel judged and I had fun. In addition, I have received personalized advice specific to my situation on what I should do to prepare for my post-career.” »

The mechanical engineering student is still uncertain about his academic career, and he will change his academic program in the fall. This day was also an opportunity for him to explore his fields of interest. “I saw on the registration form that there was an artificial intelligence branch at Deloitte. It was a great opportunity for me to check my interest in this area. Today, I spoke with specialists working in this environment and obtained career advice.” »

As for retired artistic swimmer Sandy Gill, who completed her Bachelor’s degree in accounting, she wanted to learn more about the company where she will begin an internship at their Vancouver offices in a few weeks: “My situation is rather unique. Obviously, the relationship between Deloitte and my field of study is obvious. Today’s visit was very interesting for me, but I believe that all athletes who are thinking about their post-career, or who are simply curious about working at large companies can get something positive out of participating in an activity like the one today. This allows us to realize the importance of preparing for our professional career.” »

The retired athlete liked the personalized advice she received during the job interview simulation: “I received feedback that allowed me to understand that the way you feel is not necessarily perceived by the person conducting the interview. Similarly, what you say is not always understood in the same way by the other people in attendance. These tips will be useful to me in everyday life just as they could be for athletes who are still competing.” »

For INS Quebec Athlete Services Advisor and Game Plan Advisor Lu Bonnet, the purpose of this day is to equip athletes with concrete tools for their professional life and to put them in contact with people outside high-performance athletics:
“Participants had the opportunity to exchange and practise their networking skills with people interested in sport, some from high-level sports and others from different fields. The aim was to make them discover the realities of corporate workplaces and demystify them.” »

At the end of the Game Plan Day in Canada, the networking session brought together staff from Deloitte, people from partner companies, and Game Plan athletes.

This friendly activity provided an excellent opportunity for the athletes to introduce themselves and to talk in a relaxed environment. Over the course of the discussions, many similarities were drawn between the high-performance sports community and the business community.

As David De Grandpré, Senior Manager at Deloitte Digital mentioned:
“Today, the labour market works a lot by objective. The organization sets goals and gives people the flexibility they need to fulfil them. In my view, what athletes do in their sports careers is exactly that. Athletes are able to quickly identify what they need to implement or modify to achieve their goal. These skills are transferable to the workforce, especially in competitive environments. And of course, there are other skills developed by athletes that are both enviable and transferable to the workplace. Among other things, they are accustomed to receiving feedback and are able to perform without having to remind themselves about it. Deloitte has a competitive work environment and someone who has an athlete’s reflex to surpass themselves will be happy and perform well in our company. This profile, which most athletes have, is greatly sought after in the corporate environment.” »

Game Plan Day in Canada enabled participating athletes to develop concrete tools to help them in their professional careers while allowing them to experience, during a single morning, how to evolve within a large company.

For some, this activity confirmed their interests while others, who came more to explore, this day showed them a range of possibilities.


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