Training and development services

In terms of training, the objectives of INS Québec are:

  • to increase the training offered in French, the experience and the effectiveness of coach interventions;
  • to offer hands-on integrated training aimed at acquiring the skills needed for high-performance sports coaching.

The coach is a key player in the sports system. That is why the Institut national du sport du Québec wants to train world-class coaches who are able to prepare athletes capable of podium-worthy performances, both in the sports arena and in life.

In order to contribute to the training of high-performance coaches and service providers, the Institut national du sport du Québec offers a variety of programs including the Advanced Coaching Diploma (ACD) of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).

Wanting to actively contribute to the supply of information relevant to the professional development of coaches and service providers, INS Québec also offers additional training through various forms of meetings or communications.

Programs and Activities