Sports medicine

The sports medicine clinic is located in the Institut national du sport du Québec (INS Québec) complex itself at the Montreal Olympic Park. Our team of highly qualified multidisciplinary professionals will provide all the support necessary for you to achieve excellence in high-performance sports.

Athletes of all ages who are in the Excellence, Élite, Relève and Espoir categories and are members of a national sport organization funded by Sport Canada or the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur du Québec can access the services provided at the INS Québec clinic once they have registered.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to find out more!

Athletes who wish to use sports medicine services must register by completing the Clinic registration form.


Tel : 514-255-1000 ext 301

Fax : 514-255-6646

Opening hours

Monday to Friday

8:00AM to 5:30PM



Olympic Park

3200 Viau street (parking)

Métro Viau

Services provided by the sports medicine team

médecine sport

Sports medicine

Athletes can enjoy quick access to our sports doctors. Highly qualified to meet the specific needs of high-performance athletes, they will coordinate the clinic’s interdisciplinary team and its network of partners to optimize your treatment.

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Sports nutrition

Maximize the benefits of your training and optimize your energy levels with a sports nutrition specialist. With well-founded expertise in the control of body composition and personalized energy optimization methods, a sports nutritionist is sure to boost your athletic performance.


Sports physiotherapy and sports therapy

The equipment used by our certified sports physiotherapists and professional manual therapists is based on cutting-edge technology. Our experts will maximize your sporting performance, while reducing the risk of acquiring new injuries or suffering a recurrence of old ones, ensuring a quick, informed and safe return to training.


Massage therapy

Owing to their extensive training and vast experience in working with high-performance athletes, our massage therapists have all the necessary skills to aid your recovery, as well as your athletic and overall well-being.

INS Québec adheres to the strictest international standards for the assessment and treatment of concussion. Our experts are highly qualified in this area, both in terms of clinical practise and research.

During the various stages of recovery and when returning to action, our initial assessments and post-concussion follow-ups are carried out by an integrated support team made up of doctors, specialized physiotherapists, sports therapists, neuropsychologists, kinesiologists and a sports vision specialist.

A personalized health check designed to meet your specific needs. Whether for regular, long-term or short-term follow-ups, you can enjoy quick and easy access to our large team of specialists to help you optimize your teams’ performance.

Please get in touch for more details.

Get fully customizable and turnkey support in line with the requirements for your pre-, post- and intra-season assessments. Following an analysis of your requirements during an initial appointment, our team of experts will recommend a set of sports medicine tests specifically adapted to your sporting needs and making use of the latest developments in the field.

Following the tests (during which you may be accompanied by your trainer to ensure that all information is passed on), you will receive an individual report containing your results and personalized recommendations. This will be explained to you during a dedicated results appointment.