Sport medicine

The Institut national du sport du Québec offers high-performance athletes priority access to diagnostic and treatment services provided by health professionals recognized in the sports world to promote quick recovery. By receiving state-of-the-art care when they need it, athletes are able to safely resume their activities sooner.

Beyond the diversity and complementary nature of services provided, INS Québec first and foremost seeks to establish a reputation on a par with the best practices in the world for the quality and speed of its care. The professionals who deliver the sports medicine services are up to date on the latest trends and techniques when it comes to both treating and preventing injuries.

Sport medicine clinic

The Institut national du sport du Québec is the only organization of its kind in Canada to operate its own clinic—located within the INS Québec complex at the Olympic Park—and offering care on a par with the best practices in the world. The medical team strives for excellence and effective treatment to help all athletes give their best possible performance.

Staff members are on duty at the sports medicine clinic every day to ensure delays are kept to a minimum. They have access to the latest technology for evaluating and treating patients, whether in a preventive or curative capacity.

Athletes of all ages associated with a national sports body supported by Sport Canada or the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur du Québec may access INS Québec services. As priority is based on athletes’ status, some delays may occur. Fees may apply to some services.

Sport medicine clinic
Tel : 514-255-1000 ext 301

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday
8h00 to 16h00

Medical services

Sport medicine

At the clinic in the INS Québec complex, family physicians with sports medicine certification provide front-line medical services (pre-season exams, consultations and follow-up) to athletes supported by INS Québec. Those trained in musculoskeletal ultrasound can offer this service during their consultations.


A qualified nurse is present at the INS Québec clinic on a periodic basis to take blood samples and perform both basic vaccinations and those required to travel to certain countries. Flu vaccinations are also offered each year. These services are available to INS Québec high-performance training group athletes.

Concussions in sport

(sports-related mild traumatic brain injury)

INS Québec strives to be a leader in assessing and treating concussions and works with a variety of partners to conduct research and in a clinical capacity. Basic assessments and post-concussion follow-up through the different stages of recovery and return to competition are provided by an integrated multidisciplinary team including a doctor, physiotherapist, sports therapist, neuropsychologist, kinesiologist and sports vision specialist.

Neuropsychological testing

A battery of neuropsychological tests, which detect secondary cognitive issues following a concussion, is available at the INS Québec clinic at the Olympic Park. These tests are administered and interpreted by a neuropsychologist at each exam and a report is sent to the athlete’s attending physician. Pre-season assessments are conducted with high-performance training groups at risk of concussion. Post-concussion follow-up is done by a multidisciplinary team whose members are specialized in traumatic brain injury.

Sports vision testing

Thanks to an agreement with APEXK, INS Québec also has a state-of-the-art sports vision assessment room. Basic assessments are carried out on all high-performance training groups at high risk of concussion, and immediate post-concussion follow-up is combined with vision rehabilitation exercises.

Neuromotor testing

Kinesiologists specialized in concussion-related neuromotor deficit work together with INS Québec to offer complete post-concussion assessment services. Basic neuromotor testing is carried out on all high-performance training groups at high risk of concussion; post-concussion follow-up includes support towards returning to competition.

Cardiac exams

Cardiac exams are part of the basic assessment of high-performance athletes at the best international sports institutes. Working with a group of cardiologists from the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal, INS Québec offers a baseline electrocardiogram service for all high-performance athletes associated with INS Québec. INS Québec also contributes to research on cardiac assessment for high-performance athletes.


Physiotherapists and sports therapists

At INS Québec, certified sports therapists and physiotherapists with manual therapy certification work with high-performance athletes on a daily basis to implement injury prevention programs and rehabilitation programs to treat acute or chronic injuries.

The entire team of therapists takes part in the pre-season assessments for their respective specialist sports. Functional assessments tailored to each sport are developed in cooperation with INS Québec’s biomechanics specialist and physical trainers. A complementary orthopedic assessment is conducted based on the results of the functional assessment.

Isokinetic (CON-TREX testing) and proprioception (Biodex testing) assessments are among the various technologies available to athletes and used as the situation merits.

Physiotherapists are also trained in muscular ultrasound therapy, which they use at specific stages of rehabilitation. Intramuscular stimulation, or dry needling, is also available.

Massage therapy

INS Québec’s sports medicine team includes massage therapists specialized in high-performance sports. These therapists have the specialized training and experience to accompany teams to competitions or training camps.

External resources

INS Québec’s sports medicine team also includes external affiliated service providers, ensuring access to other specialists (osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists) or to serve athletes elsewhere in the province (physiotherapists, sports therapists).