The INS Québec honoured 46 newly retired athletes

On September 30th, the Institut national du sport du Québec (INS Québec) and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education highlighted the athletic career of the 46 Quebec athletes who announced their retirement in the last year.

Gathered at the Universel Hotel in Montreal, the athletes received their personalized hockey jersey, a small honour to our national sport, to highlight the transition toward their post career.

The athletes were also invited to use the services of the national program for development and total wellness Game Plan. Game plan’s main goal is not only to offer support and guidance to athletes at the very beginning of their career but also after their career by offering services in health, education, career development and skills development.

By paying tribute to them, we are not only recognizing the sacrifices, the doubts, the victories, the perseverance that make an athlete but we are also recognizing the emotions they make us feel.

Thank you!

The athletes who retired in the last few months are:

Last name First name Sport Retirement date
Beauchesne-Sévigny Geneviève Canoe-Kayak (slalom) 31-oct-15
Beaudry Philippe Fencing 01-juil-15
Beaupré Nicolas Diving 01-févr-15
Beggs Mark Cycling (para) 31-déc-15
Bernier Stéphanie Rugby 04-mars-16
Blais-Langlais Dave Freestyle skiing 31-mai-15
Calvé Caroline Snowboard 30-sept-15
Couturier Vincent Fencing 01-mai-15
Crevier Roxane Water-polo 31-oct-15
Dober Richard Jr Canoe-kayak (sprint) 04-juil-16
Duclos-Lasnier Gabriella Athletics 01-mars-15
Filteau Michel Athletics (SFR) 01-juin-16
Gagné Pascal-Olivier Freestyle skiing 30-avr-16
Gauthier Yoan Speed skating (s.t) 24-août-16
Gilbert Éric Tennis (SFR) 31-mars-16
Gill Sandy Synchronized swimming 28-juin-16
Grenier Vanessa Figure skating 06-juin-16
Guérin Sabrina Freestyle skiing 02-avr-15
Guimond Janie Volleyball 03-avr-16
Hamel Christel Freestyle skiing 31-mai-15
Isaac Chloé Synchronized swimming 15-oct-14
Jardin Barbara Swimming 06-août-16
Kean Simon Boxing 06-nov-15
Labourdette Vicky Speed skating (s.t) 12-avr-15
Laliberté Pierre-Luc Canoe-kayak (sprint) 03-sept-16
Lapointe Pierre-Alexis Volleyball 23-mars-13
Leclerc Myriam Freestyle skiing 31-mai-15
Mikelberg Lisa Synchronized swimming 15-oct-15
Mitrovic Nikola Water-polo 31-déc-14
Morin-Martel Alexis Judo 30-sept-15
Pelletier Vicky Boxing 01-mars-16
Pineault-Reid Marie-Pier Rugby 08-avr-16
Poudrier Cassandra Hockey 01-sept-16
Préfontaine Marie-Pier Alpine skiing 17-mai-16
Richer Dave Boccia 29-mai-16
Rochon Cédric Freestyle skiing 31-mai-15
Ros Dianna Basketball 30-mai-16
Routhier Ève Alpine skiing 01-avr-15
Sabourin-Germain Marc Diving 05-nov-15
Simonyik Ryan Water-polo 31-oct-15
Teisseire Nicolas Fencing 30-juin-15
Thériault Pierre-Luc Table tennis 18-juil-16
Thibault Léa Speed skating (s.t) 26-mars-16
Truchon Caroline Speed skating (s.t) 24-juin-16
Vaillancourt Audrey Biathlon 02-mai-16
Ware Carol-Ann Diving 12-nov-15


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