UQAM students discover INS Québec

On Wednesday, November 7, a group of kinesiology students from Université du Québec à Montréal had the opportunity to learn about INS Québec’s scientific activities during a visit to the Institut’s Complex.

Students were first welcomed in the training room by two INS Québec team members, Thomas Romeas, a sports medicine expert, and Guy Thibault, Director of Sports Medicine. Both scientists discussed, among other things, various research projects in which INS Québec is involved, the organization’s role in the career of high-performance athletes as well as the integrated support team approach.

The group then had the opportunity to visit the entire Complex, including the medical clinic, laboratories, training room, gymnasium and various sports platforms. Throughout the visit, members of the INS team gave brief presentations about their professional and educational career as well as their work in INS Québec’s high-performance environment. The scientific experts also talked about some of the characteristics needed to carry out their jobs, such as versatility, understanding of fields related to their expertise, willingness to constantly learn about the most recent innovations, good communication skills and the ability to work as a team.

Students participating in this activity are currently in the final year of their Bachelor’s and have chosen the performance profile. Furthermore, as their professor, Mariève Blanchet, points out: “Many of these students are already involved in the competitive and high-performance sports world, either as coaches or athletes. The purpose of this unique discovery of INS Québec is to show them the extent to which Quebec is an innovator in the field of sports sciences and show them how a high-performance sports professional environment operates.”

The students really enjoyed this experience. When asked what they will remember most about their visit, many of the students remarked that the presentations by various INS Québec team members allowed them to realize how different their paths were, that it is a competitive work environment in which you have to stand out and that graduate studies was one of the ways to do so.

Following the success of the activity, the INS Québec team will offer it to other university student groups.



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