Game Plan

Game Plan: A Total Athlete Wellness Program

Game Plan, powered by Deloitte, is Canada’s total athlete wellness program that strives to support national team athletes to live better and more holistic lives. Through the development of their skills and network, athletes are able to focus on health, education, and career opportunities both during their high-performance career and beyond. The program helps to develop mentally stronger athletes who apply what they have learned as leaders in sport for the betterment of themselves and their communities.


Game Plan is a collaboration between the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC), Sport Canada and Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network (COPSIN) to provide the best resources this country has to offer to our national team athletes – a team that has given so much and inspired so many.

The services offered around the 5 Game Plan elements:

For more information on the program or resources available, please visit the Game Plan website.

Athletes and coaches are encouraged to contact the Canadian Sport Institute in their area to learn more about athlete eligibility requirements and services available under Game Plan.

Caroline Truchon – Athletes Services Advisor

Institut national du sport du Québec
Phone: (514) 255-1000 ext 224

Sophie Brassard – Athlete Career Transition Advisor , Orientation and Guidance Counselor

Fondation de l’athlète d’excellence du Québec
Phone : (514) 919-9469

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24/7, unlimited academic support

Game Plan puts in place a project of academic support in partnership with GradeSlam

You will be able to discuss with a tutor all the subjects you want, from high school to college…within 10 seconds!

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