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The services of INS Québec are available to athletes holding a Sport Canada card or members of senior national teams identified as EXCELLENCE level by the ministère de l’Éducation, des Études Supérieur et de la Recherche.

Athletes Carded by Sport Canada
Possible cards D, C1, SR, SR1, SR2
Non Carded Athletes
Possible recognition EXCELLENCE by the MEESR

For athletes identified as Élite or Relève, you should consult with your  Regional Centre in order to take advantage of the services offered to this category of athletes. The contact information for resource people at these various regional centers can be found farther down on this page.

Admission Form

Athletes Services

Individual Athletes

Am I an individual athlete?

You are considered an individual athlete when you are not part of a High Performance Training Group supported and funded by INS Québec. You certainly have a group of training partners with whom you train every day, but if the budget for this is not managed by INS Québec, you are an individual athlete.

Are you still not sure whether you are an individual athlete?

You can check your category on the list of Excellence athletes on the same webpage.

It’s a good thing to be an individual athlete, because you have access to the following services:

 Individual Athlete Level CAIP Sport medicine Insurance, 12 months
 Sport-Canada Carded  Athletes and Excellence Athletes BRONZE Coverage
 OWN THE PODIUM ATHLETES – level 1 Gold Coverage


All athletes levels $200.00/year to use for service providers recognized by INS Québec in:


All athletes levels Free
Game Plan Program Consultation with a career counselor and transition advisor. Available up to two years after retiring from the sport.
Sophie Brassard
514-919-9469 ou
Athlete Career Transition Advisor , Orientation and Guidance Counselor
 Rosetta Stone Software for learning a second language (3 months)
 Relève Active  Program of compagny internships designed for athletes (pilot project)
How can I apply for insurance offered to individual athletes?
To obtain the insurance, you must fill out the INS Québec application form – click the large blue button higher on this page, you can’t miss it. You must do this once a year. On the first page of the form, you’ll be asked whether  “You are an individual athlete and would like to join the Canadian Athlete Insurance Program CAIP – Bronze Level “. Answer YES.

You cannot choose YES if you stated that you are part of a training group. This is a service exclusively for individual athletes.

IMPORTANT: As a reminder, by training group we mean a group subsidized and supported by INS Québec.

If you train within a club or a team (for example: The Underwater Pétanque Club of La Tuque), this does not mean that you are part of a training group recognized by INS Québec.

Are you still not sure whether you are an individual athlete?
You can check your category on the list of Excellence athletes on the same webpage.

After submitting your completed form, give us several days to send your application to the insurance company. As soon as I get confirmation that you are a member in good standing, I will send you a confirmation email. From that moment you will be officially covered by the CAIP for 12 months. Further down on this page you will find full information about using the CAIP insurance.

If you already completed your application form and you didn’t apply for insurance, you can still apply by contacting me directly by email.

It turns out that certain athletes are already covered by the CAIP insurance through their national federation, in which case I cannot provide duplicate insurance for them. I can renew it when the time comes if your national federation did not do so.

Communicate directly with your Canadian federation to find out whether they already provide this service to you. Here are several organizations that offer the insurance:
Sports organizations offering the CAIP

How can I use my annual benefit ($200.00)?
In order to use your annual benefit, it is absolutely necessary that you deal with service providers recognized by INS Québec, contact your Regional Centre to find out the service providers available. Because you will consult professionals we know very well, you do not have to pay the cost of your sessions with them. They will bill us directly up to the maximum amount of $200.00 tax included. If you wish to continue consultations with them after you have used your available amount, it will be your responsibility to pay for the sessions after that. This amount is accessible on an annual basis according to our fiscal year, which is April 1 through March 31 of the next year. These services are privileges accorded to athletes thanks to the support of our financial partners.

IMPORTANT: Because we changed the menu of services for athletes during the fiscal year (on October 1, 2015), there is a special situation this year.

– All athletes who have already spent an amount greater than or equal to $200.00 between April 1 and October 1, 2015, will not have access to their benefit amount before April 1, 2016. This is straightforward, you have already used the total amount available to athletes for this year.

– Athletes who have spent less than $200.00 will have this amount subtracted from their amount available this year. Example: You used $75.00 for nutrition between April 1 and October 1, 2015. Therefore you still have $125.00 to use for performance services between October 1 and March 31, 2015.

– Athletes who have not spent anything since April 1, 2015, as well as athletes who are newly carded have the right to use the total amount of $200.00 for performance services.

How can I find out if I've already spent my available amount ($200.00)?
You can find out how much money remains out of your $200.00 by checking the list of Excellence athletes farther down on this page. An attractive colour code is used to categorize athletes according to their available amount.

Also, you can write me anytime to obtain the latest balance in your account.

N.B. For confidentiality reasons, the remaining balance for athletes will only be disclosed directly to the athlete.

List of identified athletes by their provincial sport federation as ”EXCELLENCE” or carded by Sport Canada

The list of athletes eligible to use the services of the Institut national du sport du Québec (INS Québec) is updated regularly. Upon notification from Sport Canada or the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement Supérieur (MEES), EXCELLENCE athletes are automatically added to the list posted on our website.

In certain cases, the athlete’s cycle is finished. This is an indication that we have not received confirmation of the athlete’s carding. Please contact us before providing such athletes services.

If your name is not on the list, and you have Excellence status in Québec or have a Sport Canada carding,  let us know and we will make the correction quickly.

List of athletes served by INS Québec | April 2016

Sport Medicine Insurance for Athletes

In order to subsidize the various sports-medicine needs of athletes, we are now offering Bronze coverage from the Canadian Athlete Insurance Program (CAIP) to carded athletes and Excellence athletes identified by INS Québec.

Athletes can have a higher coverage level than Bronze, namely Silver or Gold, in which case the claim limits are higher.

Athletes can now consult any accredited medical service provider anywhere in Canada. Athletes must pay the service provider directly for each medical consultation and will be reimbursed by the insurance company. It is your responsibility to take the various steps of making a claim with the insurer. For a better understanding of how to be reimbursed, see the insurance user guide below.

IMPORTANT: The sports-medicine service providers who have been working with INS Québec for several years are no longer required to offer the preferential rate to athletes, because we no longer have an agreement with them. Therefore, they can offer their regular rate. However, be aware that the athletes will be reimbursed $50/treatment for all types of treatments.

Lu Bonnet
Phone: (514) 255-1000 ext 223

CAIP, Michael Kirsch :
(514) 636-5351

Insurance user's guide
List of Insured Athletes
Health and Dental Plan -BBD (offered by AthletesCan)

Services in regions

For athletes living in regions who are looking to consult sport medicine and performance service therapists, please refer to the Regional Centres link on our web site for a complete list of therapists in each of the eight CREM (Centre regional d’entraînement multisport).

For assistance, please, contact the nearest Regional Center.

Other Available Services

Where can I find out about the bursaries available for athletes?
Consult the table of available bursary programs.

Here you’ll find a list of bursaries available in Canada, the eligibility criteria, contact person, deadlines, etc.

This will help you target the best organizations in your search for funding.

Do you know our partners that offer bursaries to athletes?
La Fondation de l’Athlète Excellence du Québec. The Foundation has a 30-year history of initiating and managing subsidy and support programs suited to the needs of student-athletes from the time their talent emerges and throughout their sporting career until their post-career transition. Bravo FAEQ, keep up your great work!

La Fondation Sport-Études. The mission of the Fondation Sport-Études is to financially support high-level athletes who are pursuing post-secondary studies in order to help them persevere in their education and obtain a diploma, as well as to recognize their efforts and their scholastic and sporting excellence. Bravo to the entire team at l’Alliance Sport-Études and its foundation for their support of athletes during the last 30 years!

Do you know the programs for participation funding?

MAKEACHAMP is a leading organization in participation funding for competitive athletes. Their worldwide platform aims to level the playing field and allow all competitive athletes to obtain the support they need in order to succeed.

Would you like to get involved as an athlete in the broader world of sports?
If you only have limited time available and you would like to get involved, here are several organizations that always need athletes, ambassadors or a helping hand:

Jouez Gagnant is a program founded in 2003 that presents assemblies in primary and secondary schools featuring Québec Excellence athletes. You can instill young people with your passion for sport and the importance of focusing on objectives and pursuing your dreams. You have the option of doing one, three or 10 assemblies per year, depending on your availability. If this interests you, contact the Jouez Gagnant representative directly.

Fille Active  seeks female ambassadors to encourage adolescent girls to be active in their daily life. Their presence in the FitClub is extremely important because they serve as a model for young girls. These ambassadors are women who truly represent the spirit of Fillactive because they blossomed in large part because of their participation in physical activity. Therefore they inspire and motivate adolescent girls to adopt healthy lifestyles.

AthlètesCan  seeks athletes to be ambassadors for social responsibility, as well as for causes and organizations related to the fields of sports, health, education and environment that can benefit from this program. Athletes who want to become involved can become ambassadors for social responsibility. We can provide you with all the latest information on the social responsibility activities in your area and we can tell you how you can take part.

Égale Action is an organization that seeks to promote participation of women of all ages in sports and physical activities and monitors the equality of participation in Québec. In addition, this organization offers a leadership program consisting of a series of two professional development workshops (effective communication and conflict resolution). An excellent opportunity to build your network of contacts.

The board of Directors of INS Québec We have one representative elected by athletes and trainers for a two-year term on the board of Directors. If you are interested in this position, you can communicate with a representative of INS Québec.



Visiting athletes are individuals who are identified by their national sport organization and who are staying in Québec for a short period. These athletes must be registered with a Canadian Multisport Centre other than the Institut national du sport du Québec.


Depending on their status, athletes can access some basic services in Québec. Athletes must notify the INS in advance of their stay, indicating the duration of the stay and services needed.

Occasional groups: For training camps, camp organizers will negotiate services in advance with the INS Québec sports advisor and provide the list of athletes eligible for services.

Individual athletes: If athletes stay in Québec for a short period but not with an official and recognized training group, they will have to pay for all services and seek reimbursement from their host centre or insurance provider. In exceptional cases, an agreement can be made between the two centres for payment of services.

Access to services

Athletes must make an appointment with one of the service providers identified by the INS Québec (see list of service providers). Athletes will have to sign a form for each consultation, and the service provider will invoice the INS Québec for consultations provided.

If athletes consult with a non-identified provider, the INS Québec will not cover the costs. Athletes then have to cover those fees and seek reimbursement through a sport medical insurance or from their host centre.

Authorized limits

For training camps or longer training group stays in Québec, all services must be negotiated in advance by the sport organization or the coach in charge of the group.
For identified training groups spending a considerable amount of time in Québec, the sports medicine services limits are also negotiated in advance.

The athlete who decides to retire from top-level sport must notify the actors from the sports world that supports him.

What to do :

  • National Sport Organization (ONS)
    Contact the manager of the national team or high-level program;
  • Quebec Team – for members of the Quebec government programs.
  • Depending on the number of years that the athlete has joined the Team Quebec program, he could access a retired award.
  • Contact Marie-Josée Lavoie
    Sport and physical activity management – Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports
    (418) 646-6137 ext 3656
  • Sport Canada Athlete Assistance Program (PAA)
    Sometimes, the ONS are responsible for transmitting information to their Sport Canada advisor. It is however recommended to carded athletes and recently retired to learn about the programs offered. Examples of programs: financial support for retirement, relocation costs. See information on the Sport Canada website.

Retirement help guide


The Institut national du sport du Québec can provide athletes who are retiring, or considering retirement, with support.

INS Québec offers personal development services such as:

  • guidance through the retirement process;
  • identifying potential financial support and resources available to make the transition easier.

Athletes may, depending on their situation and status as an active athlete, take advantage of services and financial programs that will help them in their transition. Some programs, such as Game Plan and Relève Active, may assist with considering options, planning and even finding a job.

To better identify your needs and the nature of support required—which depend on your personal situation—we recommend making an appointment with INS Québec’s Athlete Services Advisor, who will guide you through the services and programs available and provide information about affiliated organizations.

We strongly suggest filling out the “Career transition form” before the meeting.

Sr, Sr1 and Sr2 carded
C1 (senior) and D carded

Uncarded- status « EXCELLENCE » from MELSPERFORMANCE SERVICESSports medicine  Participation in the Canadian Athlete Insurance ProgramSubscribing to the Bronze level in the first year of retirement (By request)Sport science  Psychological supportConsultations with a psychologist (5h)PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL SERVICESLegal counsel related to sportBy requestCareer choice and orientationConsultations with a pathfinder(5h)MentoringAccess to professionals in various fields of expertiseRosetta StoneSoftware for learning a second languageOTHERQuebec Team ForumAthletes are eligible for Team Quebec forum in the same year as retirement.

More info to come !

To join the Quebec INS athlete services :

Caroline Truchon
Athlete Services Advisor
Tél.: 514-255-1000, ext 224