Resident sports

Resident sports benefit from year-round access to the facilities at the Institut national du sport du Québec complex located at the Olympic Park. They can also count on reserved training spaces that are set up according to athletes’ and coaches’ needs in order to provide conditions on a par with the best practices in the world. Due to their status, they have access to specialized, international-calibre facilities as well as all the scientific and sports medicine services offered by the Institute.

With the partnership of the national associations and provincial federations of the sports concerned, the Institut national du sport du Québec is home to eight resident sports:

Resident sport since: Septembre 3, 2014
Number of athletes: 118
Number of coaches: 20
Telephone: (514) 255-1000 ext 202
Resident sport since: Septembre 2, 2014
Number of athletes: 157
Number of coaches: 32
Telephone: (514) 255-1000 ext 210
Resident sport since: August 4, 2014
Number of athletes: 122
Number of coaches: 15
Telephone: (514) 255-1000 ext 231
Synchronized swimming
Resident sport since: January 6, 2015
Number of athletes: 16
Number of coaches: 9
Telephone: (514) 255-1000
Resident sport since: January 20, 2015
Number of athletes: 6
Number of coaches: 1
Telephone: (514) 255-1000
Short-track speed skating
Resident sport since:
Number of athletes: 107
Number of coaches: 8
Telephone: (514) 255-1000
Resident sport since: January 14, 2015
Number of athletes: 43
Number of coaches: 5
Telephone: (514) 255-1000
Water polo
Resident sport since: January 5, 2015
Number of athletes: 43
Number of coaches:
Telephone: (514) 255-1000 ext 230